Amana Air Conditioner Prices Guide

Introduction and Amana Brand History

The Amana corporation first came into existence in 1934, and was called the Electrical Equipment co. invented by George Foerstner as a vehicle to make walk-in coolers for commercial kitchens. The brand has grown a huge amount in that time and even changed ownership. It first started to manufacture Amana air conditioners in 1954.

Goodman global bought the brand in 1997. Goodman already manufactured air conditioning units but kept the Amana brand as a separate entity. This was then purchased by Daikin, who are owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. They purchased the brand in 2002. Whirlpool is one of the biggest home appliance brands in the world.

This is a confusing brand history and Amana has been caught in many mergers and acquisitions but what this means is that in recent years a big investment has been made to try and turn Amana’s products into real contenders in the HVAC market.

Goodman and Amana Air Conditioner

It isn’t just coolers and air conditioners made by Amana, though, you may have seen products within their brand in other categories. Fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and cookers, as well as heaters and air conditioners, are all offered under the Amana umbrella brand. Amana made their name by offering one of the first ever upright freezers in the USA.

The company carries the ‘american pride’ logo which means they are designed, manufactured and produced in the USA. The company has recently moved to a headquarters in Texas which provides state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. But what does this mean for the cost of Amana central air conditioners? Is the Amana brand one you can rely on for quality?

Amana Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

Amana Pros

  • Amana’s warranties are some of the best on the market. This is especially true of the budget or ‘base level’ products in their range. Many brands with cheaper air conditioners offer only five-year warranties, but even the low-end Amana products come with ten-year warranties as standard. On some of their units, a Lifetime Limited Warranty is available on the compressor when you register the product.
  • The Amana’s elite product, the AVXC20 can reach up to 24.5 SEER. This is something that only a few other brands can rival in terms of efficiency, with products like the Lennox XC25 and Maytag PSA4BI being two of the only HVAC systems for the home which are more efficient.
  • Amana has a thermostat system they call “ComfortNet” which works with some of their products and allows you to set up airflow, heating and cooling cycles and even alter the humidification.
  • As well as ComfortNet, ComfortBridge technology draws performance data from the system and then makes adjustments to help reduce your energy usage.
  • Diagnostic functions are also included within this should anything go wrong with your AC unit. You can also use this in energy management mode, and it can help you to save money on electricity bills.
  • Amana models of air conditioner manage moisture. They can monitor the humidity and make adjustments accordingly. The “On-board dehumidification and humidification control” helps with this functionality.
  • Value-for-money is a big pro with the Amana range. Their pricing (as we explore in more detail below) is on the cheaper end of the market, and even their flagship elite model, the Amana AVXC20, can be bought and installed for around $5000. For cheaper models, there are some Amana air conditioner installation cost can be as little as $2,290.

Amana Cons

  • Amana replacement parts (particularly for pre-2016 models) tend to come from Daikin rather than Amana. If your unit does need repairs and replacement parts within the unit they aren’t always easy to track down.
  • Though the ComfortNet system can help you to have more control over the unit, there is no support for an app and mobile phone system for controlling your Amara AC unit. Some other manufacturers have made it so that you can link up a companion app and control the temperature remotely.
  • Though Amana products can’t be installed by just anyone, and they aren’t available wholesale to every installer who wishes to buy them, there is also not the same training and vetting process involved as there is with some other brands. For instance, Trane’s comfort specialists programme which ensures only NATE certified installation technicians can be used to install their products. This protection is not available within the Amana brand.

Amana Air Conditioner Price List

Unit Model

Unit Only Cost

Installed Cost

Running Cost

(based on 2.5 ton)

​​Amana ASX13




​Amana ANX13




​Amana ANX14




​Amana ASX14




​Amana ASX16




​Amana ASXC16




​Amana ASXC18




​Amana AVXC20




The table above is designed to help you to see an overview of the models within the range of Amana HVAC products, and also the rough cost of installation. Amana air conditioner installation cost prices will be very different based on which part of the USA you are located within. Some areas will have more competing installers, others will just be cheaper due to the economics of that area. Our table is designed to provide a useful guide.

To keep a level playing field, the measurements on this table (as well as many of the other pricing guides on our site) are based on the standard 2.5-ton units. We’ve assumed an average cost of $0.13/kWh for electricity. Thes 2.5-ton measurement would suit a home between 1500 and 2000 square feet in size.

“Tons” in air conditioner terminology does not mean weight. It means the BTUs per hour which the unit is capable of shifting. This doesn’t mean the weight of the air conditioner or anything similar, though it is easily confused.

If it is a first-time install then you may need ductwork done by the installer when you are getting your air conditioner fitted. This is quite a big undertaking. Depending on who you contract to do your ductwork and AC unit installation it can cost around $6 up to $12. A 1,000 square foot property would cost $1500-2000. Larger properties can be significantly more.

As you can see, the Amana AVXC20 is by far the most expensive model to purchase and have installed, but it is also the most efficient. This means it will probably be able to qualify for any rebate schemes, and also means that if you need an AC unit capable of regular use, you are probably going to save money in the long run on power costs.

Amana Air Conditioner

If you opt for the cheaper end of the market, the Amana ASX13 only costs just over $1000 for the unit, and under $2,500 including installation. Naturally, for those looking for something on the cheap end of the market, this is a fairly attractive price, but keep in mind the extra costs when it comes to running the AC unit regularly.

Model Comparison

Unit Model

Efficiency Rating




​Amana ASX13

​14 SEER




​Amana ANX13

​14 SEER




​Amana ANX14

​​15 SEER




​Amana ASX14

​​15 SEER




​Amana ASX16

​16 SEER




​​Amana ASXC16

​17 SEER




​​Amana ASXC18

​19 SEER




​​Amana AVXC20

​​24.5 SEER




This is our model comparison table for the full Amana range of air conditioners. It shows their capacities, the type of compressor they use and also the volume of their noise. It also has the SEER rating, a universally used rating system for efficiency.

Most of the range has either 1.5-5 ton capacities or 2-5 ton capacities. This is the norm within the air conditioner industry, especially for home models.

The majority of their products are Single-Stage which means they are either ‘on’ or ‘off’ when in operation. They do not have different power levels which you can use. Two-stage products such as the Amana ASXC18 give more control over this and therefore provide more of an energy saving.

There is just one variable unit in the range, the Amana AVXC20. Variable units can adjust power usage to reduce wasted energy and stay accurate to the correct temperature. This is both the most efficient and the lowest in decibels of volume. It is also the most expensive. The cost of Amana central air conditioner units directly correlates with the features.

Most of the range is pretty quiet, especially when compared to other products on the market that don’t cost a huge amount of money. The low of 59 dB is very impressive, but 68-74, as offered by the Amana ASXC18, is certainly not loud by the standards of air conditioners.

Choosing a Unit For You

Choosing the right Amana air conditioner for you is about deciding which features you require and how much use your unit is likely to get, and then deciding on a suitable option.

For an AC unit that is used a lot, and needs constantly to be altering its temperatures and power levels, a variable-stage model is required. If you fall into the category of needing to use your air conditioner almost daily, the Amana AVXC20 is recommended. It may cost more up front, but it has some excellent features including ComfortBridge technology and a limited lifetime warranty on the compressor.

If you are on a very tight budget, and don’t use your air conditioner a huge amount, the Amana ASX13 may be suitable. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of features as the more expensive options but it is still very well made and offers an excellent 10-year warranty. This is only a single-stage model, but it is good as a base level offering.

For more efficiency without a huge price tag, something like the Amana ASXC18 can be a good choice. It has a two-stage compressor to combat wasted power, and offers up to 19 SEER which is more than enough for many rebate schemes. This also has the technical advantage of ComfortBridge.

Goodman vs Amana

As Goodman purchased the company back in 1999, and both brands are now owned by the same holding company, there is a fair amount of crossover between the two ranges of products. Though it may be confusing, there are five products manufactured by the brands which are absolutely identical.

The five which are the same are even named almost identically. The ASXC18 has a Goodman version entitled GSXC18, the ASXC16 has the Goodman alternative the GSXC16, and so on.

The models themselves are exactly the same, but there is one key difference; the warranty. Whereas most of the Goodman options have 10 year warranties on their compressors while Amana versions offer lifetime warranties on the compressors. The ASXC18 is an example of a model with a lifetime warranty. For the privilege of this extra warranty, the units cost between $200 and $400 more.

Additionally, Amana offers three units which aren’t in the Goodman range. The AVXC20, which is their 24.5 SEER model, the most economical of all of the products in the range. The base-level ANX14 and ANX13 single-stage air conditioners are also exclusively available in the Amana brand.

Finding an Amana Installer and Getting the Best Price

To find a reputable installer and make sure you are not overpaying, follow the tips below:

  • 1
    Use our free estimate tool to get 3-4 local estimates in a few hours. This should show a rough idea of what the whole install should cost and is based around the area you live in.
  • 2
    ​Get a few different quotes. It is sensible to ask around a few Amana dealers as some will be able to give more competitive pricing. Some also give other advantages such as payment plans.
  • 3
    ​Make sure you know about any rebates you might be entitled to. Air conditioners of higher SEER ratings can qualify for tax rebates and other benefits. Keep your finger on the pulse of what is available in your area.

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