American Standard Air Conditioner Prices Guide

Introduction and American Standard Brand History

American Standard has been around, at least in some incarnation, since the 1800s, offering a brand history that not many AC unit manufacturers can compete with. They were originally a plumbing company, and also have a strong history in building supplies.

They have plenty of experience in the world of air conditioners and decades of experience. The brand is actually owned by Ingersoll Rand, who also run the Trane brand of air conditioning. The American Standard Air Conditioner cost and features are not all too dissimilar from the Trane brand, a natural comparison. American Standard products in the HVAC market have been described by some as “the same as Trane, only 20% cheaper”.

The air conditioning part of the business is often called “American Standard Air” and it has its own website, separate from the American Standard site which promotes and sells its bathroom and kitchen products.

American Standard Air Conditioner Pros and Cons


  • Value. American Standard sits somewhere in the middle of the price range when it comes to HVAC products in general. It is not a budget range, nor is it an elite range which costs a huge amount of money. The value-for-money element comes from the fact that this is cheaper than the sibling Trane brand, which some see as slightly overpriced.
  • 10-year warranties. If you register your product within 60 days of buying it, you are entitled to a 10-year warranty. This is the same as if you purchase a Trane HVAC unit.
  • AccuComfort technology. Many brands have their own little names for the technology they have included within their brand. AccuComfort means that the compressor can adjust in tiny increments with real accuracy, and means that the variable compressors are some of the smartest in the AC market, saving you money in the long run.
  • AeroQuiet II System to control volume. The noise made by an air conditioning unit can be one of the negatives, especially if you have no choice but to install the unit in somewhere noise pollution is going to be an issue or the AC will be heard. This system is included as a ‘pro’ as it does help with the volume, but be warned that it still doesn’t make the volume as low as some other products. American Standard silver and gold can be as low as 70 dB, whereas some of its competitors, and its own Platinum range, can be down in the 50s.


  • Compressor warranty. While 10-year warranties are pretty good for the unit itself, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their compressors. Amana is an example of one such company. Unfortunately, this is not something American Standard offer.
  • No ultra-high SEER model. Though the variable compressors are intelligent and have a good level of accuracy when adjusting, the SEER rating within the range only goes as high as 22, whereas brands such as Lennox offer up to 26 SEER with the Lennox XC25.

​American Standard Air Conditioner Price List

Unit Model

Unit Only Cost

Installed Cost

Running Cost

(based on 2.5 ton)

​American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20




​American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 18




​American Standard Gold 17




​American Standard Silver 16




​American Standard Silver 14




​American Standard Silver 13




The table here can assist you by giving a view of the full range of American Standard AC units. Every model in their range is here, split into Silver, Gold and Platinum models.

Naturally, the costs are estimated as we cannot say exactly what your local installer will charge you, this could vary dependant on whereabouts in America you are based. Higher levels of competition in terms of installation companies or cheaper parts of the world may be cheaper. Alternatively, in a big city, you may find it more expensive. The unit price shouldn’t be affected.

To keep comparisons more valid and fair, we’ve made measurements based on a few common assumptions. The prices you see are based on 2.5 ton units, based on a home of 1400-1800 square footage. The cost has been assumed to be the average for electric in the USA, $0.13/kWh.

It is important to be careful not to consider tons in terms of weight, as this is not what the measurement means. Instead, it means the BTU units which can be shifted each hour by a unit. This has nothing to do with the mass of the unit itself. This has no relevance.

Replacing an air conditioner and installing a new one can be very different in terms of price due to ductwork. American Standard air conditioner installation costs can be far greater if the ducting has not been done already. This can cost $6 to $12 per square foot. A 2,000 square foot property could cost at least $3,000.

As you would probably expect, the American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20 is the most expensive model on the list due to the fact that it has a variable compressor. This also has a clever onboard control system which can reduce cost.

Basically, this means that the cheapest models are only worth it if you have a very basic need for occasional AC unit use. Silver units such as the American Standard Silver 13 can save you around 30-40% overall on the top units up front, but these may mean you aren’t eligible for as many rebates, and you spend more on energy use.

Model Comparison

Unit Model

Efficiency Rating






​American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20

​22 SEER




​American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 18

​18 SEER




​​American Standard Gold 17

​​18 SEER




American Standard Silver 16

​17 SEER




​American Standard Silver 14

​16 SEER




​American Standard Silver 13

​14.75 SEER




This comparison table is designed to show the SEER, capacity, noise level and compressor type, to give a simple overview of what each of the models on the American Standard product range can offer for you.

The naming system of Silver, Gold and Platinum basically relates to the compressor in the unit. A Silver unit has a single-stage compressor which means it cannot adjust to the conditions and alter its power. A two-stage has two different power settings, these are called the Gold models on the list. Platinum models are those with variable compressors, these can adjust most effectively to suit what is needed.

On top of this, the Platinum models are the quietest on the list, going as low as 57 decibels. The cheaper models are slightly more noisy, with volumes in the 70s, which is not hugely low for HVAC units.

Choosing a Model for You

If you have a very tight budget, it could be worth opting for one of the Silver models. The

American Standard Silver 16 has a decent price tag, at just over $4000 installed. It isn’t the cheapest to run if you are going to use it every day, but it is fine for occasional use and will give you a reliable air conditioner in your home. It includes a Spine Fin™ coil along with a Duration™ compressor which is built to last. Replacement shouldn’t be needed for a very long time once purchased.

To get the very best in terms of the comfort, volume and reliability measurements, expect to have to pay more and opt for one of the Platinum models to get the variable compressor. For those who need something to use regularly and keep the prices down as low as possible, the American Standard Platinum 20 is undeniably the best choice. For a 22 SEER model, It is far quieter and more efficient, even if they do not have a lifetime warranty on their compressor.

Finding an American Standard Installer and Getting the Best Price

To find the right installing company for you, and avoid spending more than is necessary, you can follow these tips:

  • 1
    Use our free quote tool, which can aggregate estimates in your area and allow you to see what your installation should set you back based on where you are in the world and which unit you are dealing with.
  • 2
    Always get multiple quotes. This makes sense with pretty much any purchase as one dealer may undercut another and make it much cheaper for you. Some companies may have higher prices with no real benefit. American Standard installers are vetted by the company so you can rest assured the install should be up to standard.
  • 3
    Learn about the rebates that are offered by the government. These may depend on your local area, but it is key that more economical AC units are put in place around the US, so there are some financial incentives available. Stay aware of what could be available to you.

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