Morton Water Softener Reviews and Buying Guide

Everybody has seen Morton salt on their table in this part of the world. Naturally, the company also produces a handful of salt-based water softeners that can get rid of the hardness metals in your water, hopefully with the help of Morton salt pellets, what else?

This write-up is a review of three water softeners in Morton’s lineup of six. The goal is to give you a better understanding of each model’s features, specifications, and intended application. So let’s get to it.

Morton Water Softener Reviews

Morton Ultra Water Softener (MSD27B)

This Morton softener has a capacity of 27,000 grains per cycle, the lowest of the three. Not exactly apparent from the name, the Morton Ultra is a basic unit designed to meet the demands of smaller households with decent hard water condition.

It is only 44 inches tall and has a small footprint. It utilizes a single tank design in the chassis, which also holds the salt container. All 3 models have the Look Ahead technology to optimize the regeneration frequency and ensure the supply of soft water when you need it. If you so desire, the Immediate Regeneration Button allows you to manually initiate the regeneration cycle.

Morton Ultra Water Softener (MSD27B)

The technology tracks you water consumption patterns and adjusts the regeneration cycles accordingly. It understands when you need soft water and sets the regeneration cycles for when the household doesn’t use water.

Another benefit of this Morton softener is the easy programming. You just need to set the time of the day and water hardness and you are good to go. It can remove up to 95 gpg (grains per gallon) so it will work for most well water. If you don’t know your water hardness, you can request the water report from your local utility. If you have your own well, you can request a free water hardness test strip from Morton or send your water to a lab for analysis.

The Morton MSD27B is capable of up to 6.5 gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate at 15psi. It also removes some of the ferrous iron from the water (7 ppm per gallon).

All 3 models come with a full installation kit, including connectors, washers, some plumbing, and other fittings you need. Unless you are handy with plumbing, it is generally not advisable to attempt a DIY installation of this point-of-entry unit. You would have to cut the main water line to install it and this is a job best left for those who do this for a living.


  • Best budget Morton water softener
  • Compact and versatile unit
  • Convenient regeneration cycles


  • Might not be suitable for bigger households

Best for: This water softener from Morton is an optimal solution for small households with moderate water conditions.

Morton Premium Water Softener (MSD30D)

The Morton Premium water softener, model number MSD30D, offers greater capacity and increased functionality compared to the Morton Ultra. Better yet, it is just as budget-friendly so most households can enjoy its benefits. Like all Morton water softeners, it is a point-of-entry water softener for your entire home and can even meet small business demands.

This one can remove up to 30,000 grains of hardness per cycle which should be more than enough for a family of 4.

This slightly larger water softener can output up to 7 gpm of soft water. While the primary culprits of water hardness are calcium and magnesium, ion exchange in the resin bed also reduces the amount of ferrous iron in your water (rated at 7ppm per gallon).

Morton Premium Water Softener (MSD30D)

The Morton Premium is also quite resource-efficient. According to the manufacturer, it uses up to 50% less salt than other models of comparable capabilities. This means it uses less salt to regenerate the ion exchange resin. This process results in wastewater and uses electricity, both of which are also reduced with the lower salt usage.


  • Resource-efficient
  • Decent flow rate
  • Suitable for small business use

Best for: The Morton Premium MSD30D should easily meet the demands of a family of four and perhaps small shops or offices with moderated water consumption.

Morton Demand Control Water Softener (MSD45E)

The Morton Demand Control water softener can satisfy even the most demanding users. It is the company’s top-of-the-line model for treating extremely hard water. It removes up to 12ppm of clear water iron in the process.

As a salt-based water softener, the MSD45E utilizes ion exchange resin inside the tank to get rid of magnesium and calcium in the water supply. The unit can remove up to 45,000 grains of hard metals before it has to be regenerated. It can deal with troublesome water of up to 120 grains of hardness per gallon, which should cover most well water even.

This Morton delivers an exceptional flow rate of 10 gpm and can hold up to 210 pounds of salt.

Morton Demand Control Water Softener (MSD45E)


  • Efficient salt usage
  • 10 gpm flow rate
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Not as compact as the other Mortons

Best for: This model is perfectly suitable for large households of 6 or more with high water demand and challenging water conditions.






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How Does Morton Compare to Other Brands?

Nobody knows salt as well as Morton, so it makes sense that the company would ply its trade in salt-based water softeners as well. Morton water softeners are budget-friendly, innovative, and reliable.

The company’s Look Ahead technology learns your water consumption pattern and schedules regeneration of the resin around it. All Morton water softeners are NSF/ANSI 44 certified. As the top American name in salt, Morton also makes a variety of salt pellets for use in water softeners. Even if you own a different brand, chances are you’re going to want to use Morton salt in your machine.


1. Are Morton water softeners expensive?

There is no need to worry too much about the price of Morton softeners. Morton is one of the best-known manufacturers of affordable water softeners. But don’t let the budget-friendly price fool you. As mentioned in the previous sections, Morton provides reliable water-conditioning units that cover the needs of a wide range of households. Thus you will be able to easily find a Morton model to fit your budget and give you years of care-free service.

2. What salt to use in Morton water softeners?

The simple answer to this question is: Morton salt. The company manufactures several types of salt with the right purity for use in water softeners. The exact choice also depends on the hardness level of your water supply and you also have a choice of sodium or potassium salt.

3. How much salt do Morton water softeners need?

When a Morton water softener regenerates it needs about 0.9 pounds of salt per minute of filling time. However, the exact salt consumption depends on several factors. First, you should consider the water consumption in your household. The salt consumption may also vary depending on the exact Morton model you choose to purchase. On average, Morton softeners use between 2 ½ and 7 pounds of salt to regenerate. As mentioned above, this kind of salt efficiency puts Morton far ahead of the competition.


If you are looking for an inexpensive yet reliable water softener, Morton has an excellent lineup of six water softeners. You can expect the latest industry standards and features.

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