Heil Air Conditioner Pricing Guide

Heil is a mid-range air conditioner brand. While not the cheapest AC units you can buy, they’re not the most expensive either, and the features are certainly impressive when you consider some of the modern features the air conditioners in the three Heil Ranges included. Heil Air conditioner prices vary depending on which of the variants you buy. Starting from cheapest to most expensive, the ranges are Performance, Quiet Comfort and Deluxe.

About the Heil Brand

Heil Air Conditioner

Heil started as a HVAC company way back in the 1920s in Milwaukee. They grew quickly due to the partnership they had with Sears stores and in the 1950s, Heil and Sears even bought “Quaker” space heaters as well as their manufacturing plant. Heil was called Heil-Quaker for some time and moved all of their operations to Tennessee.

Whirlpool bought a majority share in the company in 1964, and then in 1986 they changed hands again being purchased by ICP (International Comfort Products). In 1999 the whole brand was acquired by United Technologies. This company owns a huge amount of home brands and also multiple HVAC unit brands, meaning there are many sister brands.

Heil Sister Brands

As is the case across a lot of the HVAC industry, there are sister brands in the marketplace due to the fact that umbrella companies such as United Technologies and ICP own so many different brands. Heil has some sister brands, too.

Heil is tied via the umbrella company ICP to brands such as Tempstar and Arcoaire as well as Bryant and Carrier.

Bryant and Carrier have incredibly similar products which are marketed under the two different brands. However, these are not similar to Heil products at all. Heil instead has a range almost identical to other brands such as Arcoaire and Tempstar.

Heil Technologies

This is where we look at the technological features within the Heil air conditioner range which can set the products apart from other air conditioners. Observer communicating technology is one of the technologies they’ve introduced. This is not the only brand which has the technology, but its inclusion is a big benefit.

Observer technology is in place to help with the efficiency and also the durability of the product. The technology allows the different components within the unit in order to coordinate their processes with more effectiveness. This technology is not something that historic or low-quality models can offer. This communication tech is in place in order to adjust the unit for maximum performance. As well as optimizing the performance of the different components within the air conditioner it also lets you know when it is time for maintenance (such as an installation company to service) and it also will let you know when the filters within need to be changed.

Heil Pros and Cons


  • Warranty. Heil is one of the brands of air conditioner which has a pretty impressive level of warranty especially when you consider the fact that their products are mid-range in terms of price. They describe this as their “No hassle replacement” guarantee. It means you get a replacement if a key unit such as the compressor or coil should stop functioning as it should during the time of the warranty. For most of their HVAC range, this period of time is 10 years.
  • Another way the technology helps with efficiency is through “SmartSense” tech which considers the temperature of the area and then tweaks with tiny changes which can save money and energy in the long run.
  • Low Noise. Many of the products within the range are “QuietComfort” technology, and offer low dB ratings in terms of the noise the outdoor unit produces. This makes them a good choice if you need to keep noise down, for example, if your unit is installed under windows or in built-up areas. The brand describes their QuietComfort tech as offering better “sound-reducing features” for exactly these kinds of needs.


  • Though the Heil range has a huge amount of air conditioners available, it does not offer a super-efficient model such as some of the other brands. For instance, within rival brand Lennox, there is a model with 25 SEER, the XC25. This is 6 higher than the most efficient model within the Heil brand.
  • Due to ICP owning the brand, the parts aren’t necessarily all exclusive to the brand. This isn’t necessarily a flaw, but it does mean Heil products are less unique and parts can be mixed and matched.
  • Heil air conditioner installation costs and quality can vary and are something that you as a customer will need to keep an eye on. Whereas some brands have a system in place to ensure all of their installers have a certain level of quality (for instance, a qualification), Heil does not. This means that while there are some great installers, there are some who may charge a lot or not offer the same quality.

Heil Air Conditioner Price List

Model Name

Unit Only


Running Cost

(based on 2.5 ton)

Deluxe 19 HVA9




Deluxe 19 HCA9




Deluxe 17 HCA7




QuietComfort HSA6 16




QuietComfort HXA6 16




QuietComfort HSA5




QuietComfort H4A3




Performance N4A6




Performance N4A5




Performance NXA4




Performance N4A3




This table shows all of the products Heil currently offer in terms of HVAC as well as their cost on their own, the rough cost they will set you back when fully installed and also the running costs per year. Of course, these prices can vary a little depending on where you are based. Some states may have cheaper installation than others.

In the interests of fairness and allowing you to compare all of the units properly, the requirements are all based on 2.5 ton units, although there are units available between 1.5 and 5 tons.

The cost of $0.13/kWh for electricity, which is an average measurement around the USA, has been used in our calculations.

What does “Tons” mean? This is actually nothing to do with weight, instead, the tons is discussing how many BTUs can be moved by an air conditioner in each and every hour.

Other Heil Installation Costs

None of the units we’ve featured are ductless. If you are looking to get an air conditioner installed for the first time within a home, ductwork needs to be carried out and this is not something that will be cheap. An average sized USA property of around 1,000 square feet in size can cost up to $2000 in order to get the ducting done. This should be added to the overall cost in the table above.

On top of this, fees can include services to wire in your AC unit, which will cost roughly $300-600. If you need a permit, the inspection could cost up to $200 to see if you are allowed to install your AC unit, and then the installation of a thermostat to allow you to control it can be anywhere from $50 to $500. These costs need to be factored in.

As you can see, the Heil air conditioner replacement price and installation price are greatly different depending on whether you have had an AC unit before.

Model Comparison




Sound (decibel)


Observer Communicating

























































Explaining the Heil range

The table above is designed to show a huge amount about the range of Heil air conditioners and what each of their models provides.

Key takeaways from this overall view of the range include:

  • All of the QuietComfort Deluxe products have communicating technology, HSA5 and HSA6 models of QuietComfort ACs also have this technology. The more affordable ‘Performance’ range does not.
  • The Deluxe products tend to be pretty quiet, and the HVA9 has an incredible 56 dB rating making it a very quiet air conditioner.
  • The majority of models within the range are single-stage which means they are either ‘on’ or ‘off’ with no variations in power used to save energy. If you want this, you may have to buy a deluxe model. The HVA9 is the only model with a variable compressor.

The Best Heil Air Conditioner

Though the QuietComfort models such as the HVA6 might be good for those who don’t use their air conditioner daily and don’t require a variable compressor, there is only one winner for the best Heil AC unit.

The QuietComfort Deluxe HVA9 is the best in the range by some distance. This has the only variable compressor on the list which has five different speeds and makes use of the Observer communicating technology too, to help with the efficiency.

This is also one of the quietest models, not just in the range, but it is one of the quietest currently available in the HVAC market. Wi-Fi access is provided by the Ion™ System Control meaning you can control this remotely. The ten-year warranty Heil provide for their elite products is also in place with the HVA9, their best air conditioner.

Finding a Trusted Heil Installer and Getting the Best Price

To find an installation company, and get the best price:

  1. Use our free estimate tool in order to see an estimation of what the installation process should cost in your area. Free estimates help to give a frame of reference when negotiating or discussing with installers.
  2. Always get multiple quotes from multiple companies. This way, you can choose the best price, safe with the protection that Trane only deal with well-qualified installers.
  3. Stay on top of local rebate schemes. Some Heil models will qualify for some sort of rebate from an energy company or local scheme. Rebates are offered based on SEER rating and efficiency.