Whirlpool Water Softener Reviews and Buying Guide

Whirlpool makes a few models of water softener that stand up well against the competition in terms of price, performance, and usability.

This article provides you with the necessary information about the available Whirlpool water softeners. You will get a better insight into the features and specifications of each model. In addition, every review contains a brief summary of the benefits and potential downsides to help you make an informed choice.

In case you haven’t dealt with water softeners before, you can go to The Ultimate Water Softener Buyer’s Guide to get a more complete understanding. Let’s start off with a table that summarizes the various Whirlpool water softeners.

Whirlpool Water Softener Reviews



Rated Service Flow Rate (GPM)

Rated Softening Capacity (Grains / lbs )





































The following models are whole-house water softeners. The one that best fits your particular needs depends on your household water consumption and the quality of the water.

WHES30, WHES33, WHES40, WHES44, and WHES48

Whirlpool WHES33

The following units share a lot of the same features so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that they belong to a similar Whirpool series. However, each model differs slightly in water processing capacity (as indicated in the model number) and some other characteristics.

All of the models are upgraded to incorporate a few smart features that make them more efficient. They utilize Whirlpool’s 6th Sense and Demand Regeneration technologies which allow them to measure and predict your water consumption requirements and calibrate themselves accordingly. The systems regenerate only when needed and automatically determine the amount of salt to use.

At the lower end, the WHES30 has a capacity of 30,000 grains per cycle, the “30” at the end signifies that. This particular model can remove up to 95 gpg (grains per gallon) of hardness-inducing metals and it includes other water conditioning properties. It removes iron, sediments, and acidity from your water. The WHES30 is also fairly compact (19x18x43-5/16”) for a whole-house water softener.

On the other hand, Whirlpool proudly slaps the best buy tag on the WHES33 model for its most optimal combination of value and performance. As you can see from the model number, WHES33 is rated at 33,000 grains per cycle. Besides good water softening performance and efficiency, it effectively removes 9ppm per gallon of iron from the water.

The WHES33 water softener is the same size as the WHES30. The maximum pipe size is 1”. Like with most other models Whirlpool has a DIY installation video for WHES30 and WHES33. But it’s only about connecting and setting up this water softener (you’ll have to be comfortable cutting and rerouting your pipe). If you live in a household of more than 4, the WHES40 model is a clear step-up over the lower ones that can easily meet your demands.

It has the ability to get rid of up to 125 grains of hardness metal and 10 ppm of iron from one gallon of water. This water softener also regenerates only when needed, which saves salt and water. There’s a light that indicates the level of salt and when additional salt is needed. The WHES40 model comes with a high flow valve that can be fitted to 1¼” plumbing. It is also capable of up to 8.5 gpm flow rate.

But if you are looking for the most well-rounded solution, the WHES44 perhaps offers the best value for money out of the bunch. The competitive price, capacity, and smart features make this water softener one of Whirlpool’s best. Again, the Whirlpool 6th Sense and Demand Regeneration technologies are found in this model to reduce downtime and optimize salt and water usage.

The softener is engineered to remove a maximum of 140 grains of hardness metal and 12ppm of iron per gallon of water. The WHES44 has a built-in backwash cycle to ensures the water supply and the unit are clear from non-ferrous iron. The salt level and water flow indicators help you monitor the system. This thing has a high capacity of 46,000 per cycle. However, in case the 46,000 capacity doesn’t meet your needs the WHES48 has the same capacity as its Pro counterpart but fewer bells and whistles.

This Whirlpool water softener is able to deal with demanding water conditions like high iron and hardness levels. Another feature the WHES48 shares with the Pro model is the self-cleaning filter which effectively removes sediment from your plumbing.

It is worth noting that one of the downsides that come with most of Whirlpool models is the limited warranty. But there is a way to extend the warranty up to 10 years. You can check how to do it in the FAQs section at the end of the article.


  • The capacity of up to 48,000 grains per cycle
  • Price range can fit any budget
  • Some models can be fitted to 1¼” plumbing
  • WHES44 is the best Whirlpool model overall


  • It would be nice to have a better flow rate with some models

Best for: These water softeners cover a wide range of needs and household sizes, so it is safe to assume that there is something for everybody. No matter whether you are a young couple on a limited budget or a family of 6, some of these Whirlpool softeners will surely meet your demands.


Whirlpool WHESCS Wi-Fi

Whirlpool took its smart water softening technology one step further with the WHESCS Wi-Fi. This water softener has all the bells and whistles of a wi-fi enabled device. It comes with an app that lets you control the unit, monitor your water usage, and set custom alerts.

As mentioned, the WHESCS Wi-Fi also comes with the standard on-demand regeneration and 6th Sense technologies. This is basically the smart version of the WHES46, except it also comes with a self-cleaning filter which makes maintenance a breeze.

The WHESCS Wi-Fi comes with a 2-year warranty. The performance ratings are the same as the WHES46 above.


  • Wi-fi enabled
  • 46,000 grains per cycle capacity
  • 2-year warranty


  • The instructions and settings could be better

Best for: This water softener is a good choice for tech-savvy families that need a high-capacity water softener.


Whirlpool WHES60 PRO

A step above the regular Whirlpool series lies the PRO lineup of water softeners. They offer outstanding build quality, top-of-the-line conditioning capabilities, and premium features. The models that are close to each other in this series are the WHES48 PRO and WHES60 PRO.

The WHES48 PRO is the first of the three Whirlpool PRO models. As indicated by the “48” in its model number, it has a 48,000-grains per cycle softening capacity. The model is designed to efficiently handle challenging water conditions. A self-cleaning filter removes any potential sediment and the WHES48 PRO also gets rid of 12ppm per gallon of non-ferrous iron.

The unit also features a water management system which allows you to monitor daily consumption, remaining capacity, salt amount, and etc. On the other hand, the WHES60 PRO is the only dual-tank Whirlpool water softener. It can handle nearly any kind of water conditions and it is a great solution for demanding households and venues.

The WHES60 PRO has a good water flow rate of 10 gpm (though 2 gpm lower than the 48 PRO). It can remove up to 16ppm per gallon of non-ferrous iron. The salt-saving technology uses a minimal amount of salt which lowers the amount of wastewater as well. The dual-tank design means you’ll never run out of soft water. The other tank takes over when one of them has to be regenerated.

At 31” x 31” x 64” overall, this is the largest Whirlpool water softener which is to be expected of a dual-tank design.

It is worth mentioning that Whirlpool PRO Series comes with a 10-year warranty. But In order for Whirlpool to honor the 10-year warranty, all Pro Series water softeners require professional installation by a licensed water specialist.


  • WHES60 PRO features a dual-tank design
  • The WHES48 PRO is relatively compact
  • Reduce up to 16ppm per gallon of non-ferrous iron
  • Up to 60,000 grains per cycle


  • The WHES48 PRO is costly for a single-tank water softener

Best for: You would be hard pressed to find water conditions and demand that these softeners cannot meet. In addition, the 10-year warranty makes these models a worthwhile investment.


Whirlpool WHESFC PRO

This is a hybrid water filter and softener for the entire home. A bunch of advanced features give this particular model excellent value for money.

On the water softening front, the WHESFC PRO is rated at 31,000-grains per cycle. The built-in carbon filter reduces sediments, chlorine, and odor from your plumbing. This unit automatically flushes and cleans the carbon bed to extend the life of the filter cartridge.


  • Hybrid water softener and filter
  • Long-lasting auto-cleaned filter cartridge
  • Handles a wide range of water conditions


  • Requires professional calibration

Best for: You would be hard pressed to find water conditions and demand that these softeners cannot meet. In addition, the 10-year warranty makes these models a worthwhile investment.

How Does Whirlpool Compare to Other Brands?

Most Whirlpool water softeners have a recognizable rectangular plastic case that protects the tank. They also come with on-demand regeneration technology which is superior to time-based regeneration. The combination of on-demand regeneration and 6th Sense technologies put Whirlpool softeners among the most efficient in water and salt consumption.

All Whirlpool water softeners run on electric which might not be as advanced as top-of-the-line non-electric models. Nevertheless, Whirlpool softeners are reliable and the electric operation delivers advanced settings and monitoring capabilities. In addition, Whirlpool provides detailed installation guides which allow you to set up the unit on your own.

Pound for pound, Whirlpool water softeners are relatively compact. They are sold with one or two-year limited warranty with the option to upgrade to a 10-year warranty.


1. How to extend Whirlpool full-coverage warranty?

The easiest way to extend this warranty is to order three bottles of Whirlpool Water Softener Cleanser annually. This will get you a one-year parts and labor warranty extension. The PRO models are eligible for a 10-year warranty if you’re willing to have Whirlpool arrange for the installation.

2. Can you install a Whirlpool water softener outdoors?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can. However, the unit needs to be completely protected from the elements. Keep it away from the rain.

3. How does a blackout affect Whirlpool water softeners?

These water softeners feature power interruption backup which keeps the clock settings for 8 hours if you are affected by a blackout. If you are out of power for longer than that, you might need to reset the clock but all other settings will stay the same.

4. What is the Whirlpool recharge frequency and time?

On average, Whirlpool water softeners recharge once or twice a week. All of the models feature on-demand recharge such that they only recharge when needed. It takes about two hours for one recharge cycle to complete.


Whirlpool water softeners are versatile and very compact compared to other whole-house models. One of the best things about them is the easy installation and maintenance. This makes Whirlpool water softeners a viable option for most households. In addition, most models are quite affordable and yet the performance is comparable to some pricier brands.

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