Goodman Air Conditioner Price Guide

Introduction and Goodman Brand History

Goodman Air Conditioner

Goodman air conditioners are very popular and the brand is known for its reasonable cost for air conditioning units as well as reliable quality. Goodman are based in the USA, and the company was started in 1982. In over three decades of trading they have provided millions of air conditioning and heating units, and work in conjunction with thousands of dealers around North America.

Goodman’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA, and most of their heating and cooling products have the ISO 9001 certification which indicates manufacturing and management quality. They also have the ISO 14001 certification which shows responsibility to the environment. Goodman has invested over $100 million in equipment to produce HVAC products, and this has allowed them to build a range of products to suit different budgets.

Goodman also owns the “Amana” brand, which offers five models which are identical to Goodman. (E.G. ASXC16 and DSXC16 which are different only in branding.)

Goodman Brand Pros and Cons

Goodman Pros

  • Goodman air conditioners are exceptionally reasonably priced. Compared to Trane and Lennox models they are a lot more expensive to buy the unit itself. Though it may be the same cost for installation.
  • Goodman partners with a huge amount of installers. Finding someone to install your unit is not likely to be difficult no matter which state you are in, even if you live relatively out in the middle of nowhere.
  • The Goodman website has a section run by a third-party rebate resource which can show the areas you might be able to claim money back. It is simple to check where you live.
  • Goodman’s parts warranties are excellent. In many of their products, such as the top-of-the-range GSXC18, there is a limited lifetime warranty in place for the compressor. This is backed up by 10-year warranties on the rest of the parts.
  • Goodman’s range is large, and they offer a product which is 13 SEER. This is an affordable model and is ideal for people who don’t need to use their air conditioner for a large portion of the year. Some manufacturers now avoid products which are 13 SEER or lower as they are not as energy efficient.

Goodman Cons

  • In the past, Goodman air conditioners have been available as a wholesale product to anyone who wanted to purchase units. This means that even installers who were not as reputable can get access to the products. Retailers and companies offering installation locally may not have been checked or regulated by the company.
  • If you need a huge amount of cooling or live in an area where the climate is hot all year round, it might be wise to choose a more efficient product, for instance the Lennox XC25 or even the Amana AVXC20 is likely to use a lot less power when doing the same level of cooling, compared to even a top Goodman AC.
  • Goodman air conditioners are not as quiet as some other brands which introduce specific technologies for keeping the volume down.
  • Though the parts warranty is excellent, the warranty for Goodman labor is not as thorough. It only covers one year after purchase and installation.

​Cost by Model

Unit Model

Unit Only Cost

Installed Cost

Running Cost

(based on 2.5 ton)

​Goodman DSXC18




​Goodman DSXC16




​Goodman GSX16




​Goodman GSX14




​Goodman GSX13




This table has considered the Goodman ac unit prices and also the cost of installation. This is an estimate based on averages of quotes around the USA. Your local installer may be different, but this is a good rough estimate. Be sure to get multiple quotes when you are looking for installers if possible.

The running costs are, as always, calculated using a 2.5-ton unit. It is calculated at a running cost based on 2000 cooling hours and $0.13/kWh power rate. This is a pretty standard measurement for normal sized family homes of around 1500-1800 square feet. The ton rating relates to how many BTUs of heat are removed each hour, so it is not a measurement of weight.

Goodman Air Conditioner

The Goodman air conditioner installation costs are not significantly cheaper than many of the other brands on the market, such as Lennox. However, it is easy to see where a significant saving can be made on the unit itself. These products are 1/3rd of the price of some competing models. The costs listed above have been listed without taking into consideration any ductwork, should you need this done as part of the installation.

The Goodman GSX13 is the least efficient product on the list, and the running cost of the DSXC18 and DSXC16 is significantly lower. If you use your air conditioning unit a lot, it is easy to see how buying a more efficient model can pay for itself over the years. The DSXC18 and DSXC16 are also available for more of the rebate schemes as they are more eco-friendly.

Model Comparison

Below you can see all of the models within the current Goodman AC range and some key features including their energy efficiency and capacity.

Unit Model

Efficiency Rating




​Goodman DSXC18

​​19 SEER




​Goodman DSXC16

​​17 SEER




​​Goodman GSX16

​​16 SEER




​Goodman GSX14

​​14 SEER




​Goodman GSX13

​​13 SEER




From the above chart, you can see the specific offerings of the models within the range. There is a lot of information to unpack when looking at the efficiency rating, capacity, sound and compressor types.

If you compare the sound rating to that of other brands, you will notice that the measurement of noise created is higher. Some brands such as Trane have managed to create air conditioners with under 60 dB of noise. The lowest in the Goodman range is 68. If you want a whisper quiet model then this might not be available within this brand’s offerings. However, this is a compromise you may be willing to make for the cheaper price.

The highest efficiency rating in the range is 19. This is based on the SEER energy efficiency system which is the industry standard for measuring air conditioning. 19 SEER or even the lower end of 13 SEER is a huge increase from many of the models installed in homes 10-20 years ago which may have only had 8 or 9 SEER ratings. That said, they aren’t the most efficient models out there. Trane and Carrier air conditioners are available up to 21 SEER and Lennox have released a 26 SEER model. Goodman’s sister brand Amana also has the AVXC20, which has up to 24.5 SEER.

Capacities from 1.5 to 5 tons are available within the Goodman range. A small home will probably be fine with 1.5, but up to 5 tons means more capacity to remove hot air from even large spaces.


The compressors within this range are available in either single-stage or two-stage options. A single-stage compressor is only able to be either ‘on’ or ‘off’ and doesn’t have adjustable levels of power. Two-stage will alter the output level based on the heat removal needed to get to the desired temperature on the thermostat. Generally speaking, a two-stage option gives you more control but will come with an extra cost.

Goodman air conditioners do not offer ‘variable’ output options which have started to become more popular due to the fact that they can save energy. Some variable output compressors can operate at just 30% if this is sufficient. This can save on energy, so if this is a priority then it might be worth looking at other brands.

Finding a HVAC Goodman Air Conditioner Installer

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, Goodman has a section of their site which allows you to search for air conditioner installers who stock their products. This search function can be found here. You can search for an installer within a certain mileage of your postcode. The search even has filters so you can look for installers who offer specific things such as finance options.

Once you’ve found a few installers who might be an option, make sure you check their reviews and search for testimonials and independent opinions on the company and their pricing. Goodman products can be stocked by any installer who fancies purchasing them wholesale.

Getting the Best Price

A lot of people who end up purchasing a Goodman AC unit do so because they are looking to save money, and these are among the most affordable products on the market. This said, it is still possible to end up paying a huge amount of money to get installation and end up out of pocket in the long run.

To ensure you get the best Goodman air conditioner price:

  • 1
    Use our free estimate tool to get multiple quotes from dealers in the local area or who will serve the area in which you live. Compare these prices to ensure you are getting the best value.
  • 2
    Try and negotiate. Some installers will be able to offer some sort of discount on the price if they are keen to get your business. This is especially possible if you are getting multiple units installed.
  • 3
    Keep on top of rebates and use all the information available from local state government to see if you will be eligible for a rebate if you replace your old model of AC unit.

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