GE Water Softener Reviews and Buying Guide

You can get all the necessary information about the General Electric (GE) water softeners in this write-up. The reviews include a detailed analysis of the water softeners’ characteristics and features. To help you make an informed decision, there is a pros and cons section after each review. And you can consult the table below for the basic specifications of the models on review.

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GE Water Softener Reviews


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GXMH31H is an excellent water softening and filtration solution in a compact chassis. As for the softening properties, this unit has a 31,100 grains per cycle capacity (as you can see from the “31” in its model number) and delivers 8 gallons per minute (gpm) of soft water. As a hybrid solution, this softener has much more to offer.

It features a self-cleaning water filter which removes sediment and other impurities from your water. The activated carbon filter is also great at removing chlorine and odor from the water for the health of the occupants. The unit can also remove 3ppm of non-ferrous iron per gallon which can be regarded as decent. Unlike regular water filters, there are no filter cartridges to change out at certain intervals – it is self-cleaning.

This water softener doesn’t lack advanced technology solutions either. It comes with a GE-exclusive blending valve which allows you to customize the water softness. The SmartSoft technology keeps tabs on the water usage patterns at your home and adjusts the water-softening performance accordingly. This means that it won’t go into regeneration mode at the wrong time so you never run out of soft water when you need it.

This whole-house filtering and softening solution includes an installation kit but it is not generally advisable for anyone without plumbing skills to try to install the unit on their own.


  • Hybrid water filter and softener
  • Decent capacity for medium-sized homes
  • 4230 grains per pound of salt efficiency


  • Iron-removal properties could be better

Best for: The GXMH31H is a good solution for medium-size households with moderate water consumption needs.


If you are looking for reliable high-performance water softeners that won’t break the bank, the GXSH40V and GXSH45V should fit the bill. These heavy-duty GE water softeners are ideal for homes that need great quantities of soft water.

For example, the GXSH45V can deal with demanding water conditions with its capacity of 45,100 grains per cycle. It also has the ability to remove up to 10ppm of iron per gallon, which is the same as GXSH40V. The GXSH40V is the second most capable GE water softener, at a capacity of 40,000 grains per cycle. On top of great softening capacity, both models deliver a flow rate of 9.5 gpm which is another thing that makes them a good solution for demanding households.


These water softeners are also designed to minimize salt consumption. The GXSH40V comes with an efficiency of 5,090 grains per pound of salt. The GXSH45V performs a bit better in terms of salt consumption at 5,080 grains per pound of salt. Both models have the ability to remove larger sediments from the water to extend the life of the ion exchange resin. This particular feature ensures the reliability and effectiveness of these GE water softeners for years of carefree usage.

Like all GE water softeners, the GXSH45V and GXSH40V models include SmartSoft technology to optimize the performance and soft water output. The SmartSoft technology learns your household water usage patterns to provide a continuous supply of fresh soft water. These water softeners are also surprisingly easy to use. The hassle-free operation is ensured by their programmable features. And the indicators and alarms provide reliable monitoring.

In addition, these softeners come with a days-to-empty indicator to make sure the unit never runs out of salt. You won’t have to guesstimate when to add salt but rather just check the days-to-empty indicator. The GXSH45V and GXSH40V are surprisingly energy and resource-efficient for high-performance water softeners. Both devices consume about 35% less water and 34% less salt compared to plain water softeners of the same ratings.

The GE blending valve allows you to further customize the settings and zero in on the exact water softness that tastes the best to you. The maintenance is also quite easy. Once you set up the device, all you need to do is follow the unit’s indicators. They can accept up to a 1¼-inch pipe and require professional installation.


  • Up to 45,100-grain removal capacity per cycle
  • Suitable for larger households
  • 9.5 gpm water flow rate
  • Salt consumption of 5,080 and 5,090 grains per pound of salt
  • Fit up to a 1¼-inch pipe


  • GXSH40V removes 125 grains per gallon of hardness

Best for: These water softeners are an excellent choice for more demanding households that need to handle varied municipal water conditions. In addition, they are a great solution for families of 4 or more who are looking for heavy-duty and budget-friendly water softeners.


The GXSF30V is an entry-level water softener designed to meet the demands of households with predictable water consumption. It removes up to 95 grains per gallon of hardness metals from the water and has 30,000 grains per cycle capacity (as you can tell from the “30” in the model number). The 7.5 gpm flow rate should be more than enough for smaller households.

Like all other GE water softeners, the GXSF30V has the ability to track your water consumption patterns and make sure not to go into regeneration mode when you need soft water. It removes 7ppm of iron per gallon which makes the unit a good solution for moderate water conditions.


This entry-level model shares the features found in the more expensive units. Besides the SmartSoft technology the function of which has been described above, the operation is programmable and blackouts won’t affect the unit’s permanent memory.
The smaller capacity GXSF30V can only accept up to 1-inch plumbing.


  • The most affordable GE water softener
  • Good capacity and flow rate for the money
  • Regeneration time of 104 minutes


  • Not suitable for bigger households
  • Maximum 1-inch pipes

Best for: This GE water softener is great for households with moderate water consumption and water conditions.

How Does GE Compare to Other Brands?

In terms of price, usability, and smart features, GE water softeners stand up well to the competition. The water softeners can cover the needs of a wide variety of households and water conditions.

GE water softeners are designed to reduce salt, water, and energy consumption. Of course, this is all interrelated – if you use less salt to regenerate the ion exchange resin, you will have less wastewater (use less water) and use less electricity.

What’s more, GE water softeners feature the same narrow chassis design to fit even small areas. They are all NSF certified and comply with California Prop 65.


1. How often do GE water softeners regenerate?

In general, GE water softeners regenerate every 3 to six days depending on the model and consumption demands. The SmartSoft technology learns your water usage patterns so the unit wouldn’t be in regeneration mode when you need soft water the most.

2. How to program operations on GE water softeners?

Each of the models comes with a comprehensive user manual which helps you set all of the functions to your needs. The most important setting is the one for water softness. With GE water softeners, you set the softness to your liking, as some people actually prefer a bit of minerals in the water for taste and whatnot.

3. Do you need to replace anything?

GE water softeners come with durable self-cleaning sediment filters. After prolonged use, they might need replacement. Replacement filters are easy to find and usually inexpensive. You can replace the filter on your own. For the hybrid GXMH31H, the activated carbon filter is built-in and self-cleaning and should last the life of the unit.

Final Word

General Electric is a top home appliance brand with decades of track record. Its water softeners are made to GE’s usual high standards and performance. There is a GE water softener for every budget and need so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding just the right one for you. 

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